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TERMS & CONDITIONS OF HIRE Isa Camper Trailer Hire Terms and Conditions Sunset over West Leichhardt Station

I/We agree with Isa Camper Trailer Hire  

The equipment set out on the Customer Application form is at the rates and for the period given above on the following terms and conditions;

1. I will pay Isa Camper Trailer Hire the security bond in full ($500) on picking up your equipment.  

2. I will pay Isa Camper Trailer Hire all hire charges in full prior to collecting the equipment;  

3. I will check trailer wiring/lighting is working prior to trailer towing.  

4. I will ensure that whilst towing Isa Camper Trailer Hire equipment the vehicle will be driven only by me or the other designated drivers over 25 years of age as per insurance requirement. I warrant that I and the other designated driver are fully competent and adhering to my/our individual license requirement to drive a vehicle whilst towing your equipment.  

5. I will return Isa Camper Trailer Hire equipment thoroughly cleaned, if not I understand that I will incur a $100 cleaning fee.

6. If for any reason beyond my control I am not able to return Isa Camper Trailer Hire equipment on the due date I will notify you before that date and will pay additional hire charges at the applicable daily rate.  

7. I will at all times use your equipment in accordance with any manufacturer’s Instructions or instructions provided by Isa Camper Trailer Hire with that equipment and/or government regulations pertained to the use of that equipment.

8. I will not overload the camper trailer beyond its limits i.e. 750kgs  

9. I will ensure that the camper trailer is adequately secured, locked and protected from the environment or other adverse conditions.

10. I will not use the camper trailer for the carrying of any explosive or corrosive substance.

11. Isa Camper Trailer Hire are entitled to deduct from our security bond all charges for additional days hire, cleaning and repair of their equipment and replacement of any items not returned and not repairable and cost of retrieving the equipment should I fail to return it.

12. I will promptly repair any punctured tyres on any of your equipment whilst on hire to me but should a tyre require a replacement through normal ware and tare or accident or  damage Isa Camper Trailer Hire will reimburse me the cost of replacing such tyre but only if;

(a) I have first notified Isa Camper Trailer Hire of the need for replacement;

(b) Replacement tyre is to be the same size and make as the damaged tyre or such other size and make as Isa Camper Trailer Hire approved;

(c) The damage does not arise from adverse conditions such as towing equipment other than on a fully formed road or continuing to tow the equipment after a tyre is punctured.

(d) I have provided Isa Camper Trailer Hire with a detailed receipt for the cost of replacing that tyre.  

13. Isa Camper Trailer Hire will ensure the equipment against accidental loss or damage, fire and theft but I will pay the first Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) of any damage resulting from an accident.

14. Should a third party be responsible for damages caused to any of your equipment by result of an accident or malicious collision and the claim can be proved against the third party and Isa Camper Trailer Hire have recovered damages from that third party or other, then Isa Camper Trailer Hire will refund to me any part of the $500.00 excess which I have previously paid, less any legal costs involved.

15. Isa Camper Trailer Hire are not responsible or liable to me for any accommodation fees, loss of deposit or any other expenses arising from the failure of one of Isa Camper Trailer Hire campers, either through accidental damage, breakdown or similar event during the period of hire.

16. I will ensure the equipment is used with care and due consideration for other persons and it is agreed that any reckless use of the towing or the equipment will result in termination of the Agreement.

17. I will reimburse Isa Camper Trailer Hire for all damages to the equipment caused by water, whether due to water crossing or part of total immersion in water or any other fluid for any reason.

18. I will pay any parking and traffic violation incurred during the period of the hire or in respect of your equipment.

19. I will bear any costs incurred by Isa Camper Trailer Hire retrieving the equipment should I fail to return it by the due date.

20. I understand there is no refund for returning the camper trailer prior to the agreed return date.

21. I understand I will not have my $100.00 deposit refunded if I cancel my hire with 2 weeks or less notice, unless due to adverse weather conditions.